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Newsletter No. 62


It is Thursday, April 18, 2024. We have a jam-packed edition of oil and gas news, including insights into what is happening right here at King. So, join me as I go through some of the latest developments.

This Week’s Headlines

  • King’s CGO Eric Rice Tackles the Tough Topics in the Latest Rice Report
  • Oil Price Surge: Impact on Global Markets
  • The Debate on Oil and Gas Investment: Experts Weigh In
  • Biden Administration Considers Depleting SPR Without Replenishment Plans
  • Chevron Invests $500 Million in Low Carbon Technologies
Happening at King

King’s CGO Eric Rice Tackles the Tough Topics in the Latest Rice Report 

Get ready for an eye-opening episode of The Rice Report. King’s Chief Growth Officer Eric Rice is back at the mic, and is tackling pressing issues such as a looming banking crisis, global debt concerns, and escalating tensions in the Middle East, with a focus on their nuclear capabilities.

He sheds light on the state of the economy, hints at the signs of a Maoist Revolution, and gets into his thoughts on FISA 702. Don’t miss out on this riveting episode here.


Oil Price Surge: Impact on Global Markets

Oil prices are up by 16% this year, nearing $90 per barrel. Rising tensions in the Middle East and conflicts between Ukraine and Russia are driving concerns about oil supply. This surge could lead to higher inflation, affecting economies worldwide. Here are a few points that I found important to highlight:

  1. Inflation Concerns: Elevated oil prices could worsen inflation, especially in Europe.
  2. Energy Stocks: Companies in the oil and gas sector are benefiting from higher oil prices, making them attractive investments.
  3. Strong Dollar: Despite expectations of a weaker dollar, it has strengthened due to high oil prices, affecting global currencies.
  4. Emerging Markets Impact: Countries like India and Turkey, which import oil, may face economic challenges due to increased costs.

The rise in oil prices has significant implications for global markets, affecting inflation, energy investments, currency values, and emerging economies. You can see the up-to-date numbers here.

The Debate on Oil and Gas Investment: Experts Weigh In

I was recently reading and came across this story about the debate raging about investing in oil and gas. According to the article, oil majors continue to stress the need for increased investment in oil and gas, citing energy security and rising global demand. At the CERAWeek by S&P Global energy conference in Houston, CEO of Saudi Arabia’s Aramco, Amin Nasser, emphasized global dependence on fossil fuels, advocating for continued funding to ensure energy security amid growing demand. Nasser’s sentiments were echoed by various industry representatives, who argue that until viable alternatives are available at scale, investment in fossil fuels remains crucial. Despite calls for divestment, the belief persists among some experts that sustained investment in oil and gas is essential for meeting immediate energy needs.

Biden Administration Considers Depleting SPR Without Replenishment Plans

White House senior adviser John Podesta revealed at a recent conference that President Biden aims to maintain affordable gasoline prices by potentially releasing more crude oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR). This comes as the Biden administration faces scrutiny for selling 180 million barrels of oil from the reserve in 2022 without immediate plans for replenishment. While Podesta didn’t confirm an imminent release, Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm affirmed the administration’s intention to repurchase oil for the reserve at favorable prices. The decision to tap into the SPR without immediate replenishment plans underscores ongoing concerns about the stability of gas prices amid geopolitical tensions.


Chevron Invests $500 Million in Low Carbon Technologies
Chevron’s venture capital arm has announced its third fund, totaling $500 million, aimed at investing in renewable energy technologies. The Future Energy Fund III will focus on innovations in decarbonization, emerging mobility, energy decentralization, and the circular carbon economy. Additionally, the fund aims to expand investments in low carbon fuels, advanced materials, and carbon transformation technologies. This move reflects oil majors’ efforts to diversify their businesses and address emissions reduction pressure.

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