King’s A-D-D Strategy Disrupts Traditional
Investments in Oil and Gas

The traditional investment model for oil and gas investing is to acquire working interest in individual oil wells. However, this model provides net production revenue only from the wells acquired. The Return on Invested Capital (ROI) is limited to the ultimate net production revenue generated by the wells acquired. This limited ownership profile may generally assume a higher risk profile than ownership of an entire oilfield which is being developed.

King Operating Corporation, on the other hand, bases its investment strategy on a more comprehensive ownership of targeted oilfield development strategy that includes ownership of all aspects of the oilfield and vigilantly monitors possible multiple exit opportunities. Our three-step process is designed for accredited investors to A-D-D to their wealth.

What Is the A-D-D Method?


We acquire contiguous or adjacent oil and gas mineral acres in an area of proven production.


With the equity raised, we seek to drill horizontal wells to establish production and increase the overall value of the asset.


Within one to three years, we plan to prove the field’s value through either further development or sell to a public company to maximize profits.*

*Various assumptions and conditions underlie these hypothetical outcomes

Why Invest in Oil and Gas With King Operating Corporation?

The Upside of Oil and Gas Investing
How the New Model Works and Why
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