Oil Supply Crunch Warning for 2025

Newsletter No. 49

This Week’s Headlines

  • A Brand New Rice Report

  • Oil Supply Crunch Warning for 2025 by Occidental CEO

  • “Ask Jay” on Why Invest at King?

  • On a Personal Note …

A Brand New Rice Report

King CGO Eric Rice discusses the Federal Reserve and digital currency in the latest Rice Report. You can watch the full episode here.

Oil Supply Crunch Warning for 2025 by Occidental CEO

Occidental Petroleum’s CEO Vicki Hollub is sounding the alarm about a potential oil supply crunch from 2025 forward. This alarm aligns with some concerns I wrote about on my blog, “The U.S. Has an Addiction to Fossil Fuels. How Do We Meet the Demand?” You can read it here.

Hollub’s warning emphasizes the imbalance in global oil supply and demand, predicting prices to reach $80-$85 per barrel by 2025. She highlights the need for a balanced approach.

Hollub stresses the urgency of addressing the challenges in fossil fuel supply while navigating the uncertainties of transitioning to clean energy. The Occidental CEO’s insights add to the ongoing conversation about handling the challenges of fossil fuel demand and sustainability goals.

Ask Jay

In this week’s “Ask Jay,” I wanted to start a series of videos answering the question “Why Invest in Oil and Gas?” and more specifically, “Why Invest With King?” You can watch this video to find out the second “Why?” 

On a Personal Note …

Well, I wanted to take a moment to share a personal experience that Michelle and I recently had – a colonoscopy. I know, not the most glamorous topic, but an essential one. Now, I know health talks aren’t the most exciting, but bear with me.

Michelle’s dad lost his battle with colon cancer when she was only three and a half months pregnant with our daughter. Other members of our King Family have lost family members to this disease as well as to other types of cancer. It is a stark reminder of how important it is to prioritize our health. Getting those regular checkups could help catch any issues early.

Taking care of our health is a small yet significant step. Your well-being matters not just to you but also to those who care about you.

We should all make an effort to prioritize our health, especially with regular checkups. It’s a small investment of time that could make a huge difference. As always, the King Family prays that you are all in good health and stay well.


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