Ep. 101: Changing Lives with Nancy Lieberman

Nancy Lieberman is a basketball legend who has dedicated her life to uplifting youth and underserved communities. In this episode, we sit down with the trailblazing athlete to discuss her work with the Nancy Lieberman Charities organization. Lieberman gives an inside look at her hands-on approach to empowering kids through sports. She shares the moving story behind her initiative to build over 120 “Dream Courts” across the country – safe community basketball courts that also serve as centers for education and mentorship. You’ll be inspired as Lieberman describes her passion for bridging divides, like between police and inner city youth. She offers insight into the life lessons basketball taught her that fuel her charity work. We also get a glimpse into Lieberman’s world, including her activist beginnings under the mentorship of Muhammad Ali, and her friendships with icons from Warren Buffet to Kobe Bryant. Join us as we explore community uplift, youth empowerment, and using your platform for good with the one and only Nancy Lieberman – basketball humanitarian. Listen to the Jay Young Show on Apple or Spotify. For more information: https://KingOperating.com/contact

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