Ep. 102: The Jay Young Show with David Blackmon

Ep. 102: The War on Oil and Gas with David Blackmon On this episode of The Jay Young Show, Jay has an in-depth conversation with David Blackmon, an expert on oil, gas, and energy policy. They discuss the boom and bust cycles of the industry, new technologies like horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing that have transformed oil and gas production, and the political landscape around energy including the Biden administration’s policies. Jay and David analyze supply and demand dynamics in oil and natural gas markets and make predictions about where prices could head. They debate the growth of electric vehicles and renewable energy and whether we may ever reach “peak demand” for fossil fuels. For an insightful dialogue about the past, present and future of the energy business from two industry veterans, tune in to this episode of The Jay Young Show with special guest David Blackmon. Listen to the Jay Young Show on Apple or Spotify. For more information: https://KingOperating.com/contact

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