Exxon’s Major Play in Basin

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Hope everyone is doing well. I’m excited to share with you this week’s updates, insights, and news from King Operating Corporation and the broader oil and gas industry. 

This Week’s Headlines

  • Behind the Scenes in the World of Podcasting 

  • Exxon’s Major Play in the Permian Basin

  • Ask Jay

  • On a Personal Note … 

  • The Upside of Oil and Gas Investing

Behind the Scenes in the World of Podcasting

The world of podcasting is moving forward at breakneck speed, and we owe a huge thanks to digital trailblazers like Jeff Crilley for breathing new life into age-old media formats. In this episode that’s absolutely unmissable, I was lucky to have a heart-to-heart with the Real News Network founder recently. He and I go deep into how his company is completely overhauling on-demand audio content. 

Crilley takes us behind the scenes, unveiling the technologies and strategies that are injecting a hefty dose of professionalism, reach, and revenue into the world of podcast production. We take a look at how platforms such as Real News Network are effectively dismantling the hurdles, costs, and risks that come with the do-it-yourself podcasting route. 

With over 15 years of hands-on experience at the helm of one of the podcasting world’s fastest-growing studios, Crilley provides us with a one-of-a-kind perspective on the whirlwind evolution of this industry. He explains how the surge in consumer demand for streaming content served as a driving force for his team, compelling them to create comprehensive solutions to rejuvenate archaic audio production methods.

Watch the full episode here.

Exxon’s Major Play in the Permian Basin

Exxon Mobil is reportedly close to finalizing a deal to acquire Pioneer Natural Resources for approximately $60 billion. This potential acquisition has led to a mixed reaction in the stock market. Exxon Mobil’s stock experienced a slight decline while Pioneer Natural Resources’ stock saw a strong increase. 

If this deal goes through, it would grant Exxon Mobil a significant foothold in the oil-rich Permian Basin, enhancing its presence in the shale drilling sector, and would be Exxon’s biggest acquisition since 1998. The initial discussions between Exxon Mobil and Pioneer Natural Resources began in April, causing a 4.5% surge in Pioneer’s stock price at that time. 

As of now, Pioneer Natural Resources has a market capitalization of $50.1 billion, while Exxon Mobil is valued at $436 billion. Following the news of the potential acquisition, Pioneer Natural Resources’ stock jumped by 8.8% to $233.88, while Exxon Mobil’s stock retreated by 2.9% to $105.83. 

It’s worth noting that Exxon Mobil’s stock had recently experienced a breakout on September 27, reaching a buy point of $118.84, but it has since declined. Additionally, U.S. crude oil futures prices have seen fluctuations, with a slight rise on Friday morning, mainly due to concerns regarding demand in the oil market. 

Ask Jay

Recently, someone wrote in asking how we determine if we should drill a horizontal well vs. a vertical well. I give my thoughts on these different wells on this week’s video here.

On a Personal Note

The national spotlight was on four nationally ranked girls’ high school volleyball teams last night.  ESPN was in town to host the “Girls Volleyball Showcase” at our daughter Mikala’s high school, Prestonwood Christian Academy.  

St. James out of Kansas competed against Cornerstone Christian out of San Antonio on ESPN + and Mikala’s team competed against Cathedral Catholic out of San Diego, California on ESPNU.  

I am extremely proud to share Mikala and her teammates came through with a big win last night over Cathedral Catholic.  Her school came in ranked 6th in the nation and Cathedral Catholic came in ranked 5th.

It was an exciting night for her school and volleyball program to showcase all of their hard work and incredible talents on live television. Not to mention, sweeping a team in our home gym after losing to them two weeks ago at a tournament in Vegas. They walked in the gym prepared to play at the top of their game. They executed and delivered an unforgettable win.  

The Upside of Oil and Gas Investing

As some of you may know, I wrote a book called, “The Upside of Oil and Gas Investing,” published by Forbes Books. The book gives insight into who I am, my background, and my history in oil and gas and investments.

In the book I present the investment model for the oil and gas industry that’s a change from the traditional model. I also dissect the industry and talk about the pitfalls that investors could face when using the traditional model. You can listen to my book here. Or, if you’d like for us to send you an autographed copy of my book, send your name and address to info@kingoperating.com.

If you’d like to talk to someone about King and are an accredited investor, you can fill out your information here or schedule a Zoom conversation with one of our SVP’s here and someone will reach out. 

On the Radio

WHO in Des Moines, Iowa via FOX News Radio asked Jay Young to come on and discuss winter gasoline returning and what it means for your wallet.

Listen Here

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