The Future of Energy – Part One

Part one of a three part whitepaper series about the future of energy and the role of Oil and Natural Gas in that future. Executive Summary I’m increasingly convinced the …

Oil is Hot Again

In the end we are approaching a 24-month cycle in the market where investors will be looking to save as much as possible on taxes, increase passive income to offset inflationary pressures while still focusing on larger returns to build wealth and limiting their exposure to the volatile interest rate environment.

King is uniquely positioned for such a time as this.

The Logic Behind a Bullish 2023 for Oil Prices

As 2022 winds down and 2023 approaches, the energy sector remains in tremendous turmoil. Many outstanding factors are essentially open doors to the future price of the most valuable commodity on Earth.

Oil and Gas…All Eyes on China

Currently, China is in a position to determine the near-term prices of oil and gas by controlling the release of so many people needing to get back to work and in the factories.