A Lithium Boom in Arkansas?!

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  • Let Freedom Ring!

  • Is a Lithium Boom in Arkansas’ Future?

  • Oil and Gas Headlines 

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Let Freedom Ring!

Freedom Fest was held in Memphis last week and King Operating was front and center.


The booth was buzzing with excitement as several prominent economic minds stopped by for engaging interviews, including a man-on-the-street interview the media team did with the legendary Steve Forbes, where he discusses energy independence among other things.


We dug deep into the latest energy trends and gained valuable insights for the future.


King’s Chief Growth Officer, Eric Rice, absolutely crushed it during a panel discussion on the future of energy. Michael Shellenberger moderated, and Eric’s expertise left a lasting impact on everyone present.


Is a Lithium Boom in Arkansas’ Future?

Drilling rigs are returning to the mostly abandoned oil and gas fields of Arkansas, not to find oil, but for something else.


What is that “something else?” Well, companies like Exxon Mobil are in search of lithium, the metal that is an important ingredient in electric-vehicle batteries.


There was an article in the Wall Street Journal that discussed how the extraction of lithium in places such as Arkansas, specifically in a small town in southwest Arkansas, could help the U.S. ease its dependence on other countries such as China for lithium. 


Exxon Mobil is gearing up to construct one of the most substantial lithium processing plants to date. The plant’s potential capacity is impressive, aiming to churn out 75,000-100,000 metric tons of lithium annually. These figures could account for approximately 15% of last year’s total global lithium production.


Oil and Gas Headlines

This week, oil prices continued on the rise, and natural gas futures were on a downturn.


While these things were happening, there was no shortage of oil and gas news around the world.


In Southern Africa, Shell announced its fourth oil discovery offshore of Namibia, affirming the presence of hydrocarbons and showcasing its expansion strategy in the region.


Schlumberger (SLB) halted all shipments of products and technology to Russia due to expanding Western sanctions following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.


And, a final piece of news to share concerns the offshore wind market. BP won a major 7 GW offshore wind site auction in Germany, entering the offshore wind market in continental Europe.


Want to learn more about investing in Oil and Gas?

There are some outstanding results developing in the current King program… KOPX Program 4.  King always celebrates when oil starts flowing and it’s happening now! 


As we near the halfway point of fundraising, it’s not too late to get in. And keep in mind, a financial opportunity unique to King programs is that partners own the assets, not just the production income. That’s the only path to scale this kind of investment to a multiple on exit.


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There are some outstanding results developing in the current program… KOPX Program 4. If you are not in it, and you are accredited, it’s a good time to have a conversation! You can schedule a Zoom here.

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