November 9, 2021

I must first say that the Hart Energy Executive Oil Conference last week was a real treat as the CEO of an oil and gas E&P company to visit with other E&P, OFS, and industry leaders. The excitement in the air for a real live in-person conference was evident by everyone in attendance. The Hart team went out of their way to make sure that everything was well orchestrated and produced. 

One of the most important topics through most of the sessions was ESG and the importance of delivering energy to the United States Markets with the least impact on the environment possible. The commitment from all of the executives on the pannels was passionate and real. The oil and gas community has not always taken the best path towards practicing environmental practices, or fiscal responsibilities. Over the last 15 years, there has been a significant change in their behavior to all stakeholders. 

The stakeholders are investors, employees, and even the environment. Proper management of the corporate assets through normal day-to-day operations is critical. ESG with no accountability is just hot air. 

Clay Gaspar, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Devon.

Clay covered  ESG and the Devon management vision and direction was exceptional. The Devon team clearly has the commitment to delivering energy with the least impact on the environment. Clay’s presentation was heartfelt and genuine. I had the pleasure of sitting next to Clay at dinner and really enjoyed talking about his new position at Devon. It is very clear that the Devon leadership is focused on ESG and doing what is right for all stakeholders. 

Amanda Brock, CEO, and President at Aris Water Solutions.

Amanda was also a panel member. Amanda really made evident during her presentation that she is passionate about her commitment to ESG and its stakeholders. Aris water is focused on sustainably produced water management. I knew that their process was good, but did not know that they had been providing the clean water treatment of water from recycling/reuse of water from oil and gas operations had been such a long term ESG performing company. Amanda’s quote “No Shots = No Ducks” was also very applicable. As a leader, her commitment to take the shot was very clear. 

I had the good fortune to moderate the geopolitical portion with author Thomas A. Petrie. Boy that was an eye-opener about the world political stage is more important than many people assume that oil and gas are priced simply on supply and demand. The new matrices impacting oil and gas are like a long-term chess match, and the United States is losing that battle. We will be covering those topics in our King Operating Roundtable series. Taking live questions from attendees is important as it keeps me grounded on what others are thinking. 

Thanks again to the Hart team for taking the extra steps to ensure that the Executive Oil and Gas conference was produced professionally and impactful. 

Len Vermillion, Editorial Director at Hart Energy.


We are releasing our Roundtable special interview with Len Vermillion on Wednesday the 10th of November. I had a blast visiting with Len about Hart and his knowledge in the energy environment. 


Stay tuned for more information from our King Operating research team on all of these subjects. 

Buckle up we are heading into interesting times in the oil and gas markets. 

Jay R. Young, CEO, King Operating

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