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Our passion is to seek better, more efficient and economical methods to produce the most oil and natural gas from our chosen fields. By employing the brightest minds and utilizing the most current state-of-the-art technology to extract the greatest value possible, King is able to provide investors with attractive investment opportunities not found elsewhere. We start by identifying specific rock formations that possess multiple target zones, attractive historical production characteristics and ample running room to grow to a substantial scale. When our staff has fully vetted the geologic, engineering, financial and economic risks thoroughly, only then do we expend our own capital to secure acreage upon which we can explore, develop and deliver oil and natural gas to commodity markets where we help provide energy supplies for the United States. In doing so, we are able to show commitment to our partners by placing their interests first. Who are our partners? Our partners are typically, high net worth individuals, broker-dealers, institutional energy investors or registered investment advisor’s (RIA) (collectively “Stakeholders”) and are the reason we offer oil and gas Funds; with the end result in mind. Our ultimate goal is to create value for our Stakeholders. This is brought to fruition with our unique, Acquire-Develop-Divest model, where we have proven that acquiring quality properties, developing and leveraging their inherent value is the cornerstone in achieving optimal asset divestment values. Then, we believe that by divesting these developed assets at a multiple of original equity value within three to five years offers the best value proposition in the oil and gas industry.

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