live Roundtable

King Operating Oil and Gas Weekly  Roundtable

Jan 26Th 

2:00 pm CST

West Texas - Live Roundtable -Jan 2022

Alternative Investing - What you need to know

Ask Live Questions of the experts

Alternative Investing

Ask Live Questions of the experts

Roundtable 12-8 at 2 pm PM

Bitcoin vs Oil

Market Updates

The Team will cover hard impacting events in the United States and World. These events will range from geopolitical to market analysis. The markets react to the news, but the oil and gas markets have a whole new set of matrices that are in play. Learn from the King Team as we cover the news of the week. 

Industry Spotlight 

Each week we will take a special King Operating Team member, or a guest and cover a important headline topic. 

King Operating Operations and Industry Experts

Our Operations team will be covering our current King Operating operations in production and implementations. We will cover ESG and BKMs. Chandler Knox will lead discussions and questions through out the Roundtable. 

The King Team

The employees in all divisions of King Operating strive to help the stakeholders, environment and their community.

Through best practices in the industry we strive to exceed Environmental, Social and Governance regulations and expectations (ESG). 

King Operating seeks to implement our financial model and develop the various oilfields utilizing prudent operations and deploying recent technological advances for drilling, testing, completing, stimulating, and equipping the wells being developed in the oilfields.