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Natural gas is a stable and growing part of the US energy portfolio. Take advantage of the financial opportunities natural gas investments present with King Operating Corporation based in Dallas, TX. Gas investing with us has the potential for extraordinary returns.

Our Model

King Operating Corporation utilizes an ADD model for our gas investments. We acquire, develop, and divest oil and gas projects throughout the United States.

Our ADD model allows us to leverage the value of the asset that we’ve acquired to begin development, and we require limited cash from you and our other investors. We accept a minimum of investor equity to acquire any assets before we begin that development process.

Natural gas investing offers the return on your investment that you anticipate when we divest to public oil and gas companies, which optimizes the value of the asset that we’ve acquired.

We guarantee that your investment is paid before we collect any profits. We understand that you play an integral role in the process, and without you we couldn’t accomplish the work that we do.

Our History

Since 1996, we have worked tirelessly to innovate the oil and gas industry to ensure high returns on investments. Oil and gas is practically in our blood — we trace family history in the oil business back more than 100 years. Our history and legacy guides our fierce commitment to success.

We care about our investors and treat your success as our success. We work to bring about that success with a team of the brightest minds we could find. Our team includes geologists, engineers, land professionals, accountants, finance experts, and field operatives.

Our expert team works closely together to ensure that we cover all contingencies and continue the success that our record demonstrates. They utilize cutting-edge, state-of-the-art technology combined with their various expertise to achieve the results we count on.

Contact King Operating Corporation today at 214-420-3000 or through our contact page to discover opportunities for natural gas investing in Dallas, TX.

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