King Operating Corporation

Among oil and gas investment companies, King Operating Corporation is revolutionizing the field by offering our partners a unique business model that has the potential to yield higher Return on Investment (ROI) and greater divestment opportunities through oilfield ownership. We enable accredited investors to own part of a producing oil and gas field operation and hand them control over their wealth creation.

Who We Are

For a quarter century we have acquired, developed, and divested oil and gas fields. Currently, King Operating Corporation has operations in the Permian Basin, Anadarko Basin, and Delaware Julesburg basin (Colorado) as a full service, licensed independent oil and gas operator. James R. Young, founder of King Operating Corporation, has a family heritage in the oil and gas industry for the past century. Based on his knowledge and experience relating to the oil and gas industry, coupled with our technical team’s knowledge and experience developing oilfields in the basins described above, King Operating seeks to implement our financial model and develop the various oilfields utilizing prudent operations and deploying recent technological advances for drilling, testing, completing, stimulating, and equipping the wells being developed in the oilfields.

The King Way

Our Values

We comprehensively evaluate the geological and geophysical characteristics, as well as the financial obligations, that define a potential acquisition and select the acquisitions that may be developed and divested within a three to five year implementation cycle.

What We Do

We identify and seek to acquire underdeveloped oilfields with productive potential within established oilfields. Each oilfield being developed possesses unique well development characteristics. Our technical teams seek to define these characteristics and implement economic procedures to maximize daily production and recover the maximum possible reserves from the targeted payzones.

As additional wells are developed (drilled) in the oilfield, undeveloped drilling locations, commonly referred to as “PUDs,” are often generated contiguous to the location of the new well drilled. These undeveloped drilling locations provide an opportunity to drill additional wells that offset, or are adjacent to, the new well previously drilled. The drilled well often provides significant information regarding the geological and geophysical characteristics of the specific payzone, or payzones, targeted in the well. This information is evaluated and interpreted by the technical team to ascertain whether a commercial offset well could be prudently drilled on one of the surrounding PUDs.

There Has Never Been A Better Time To Invest In Oil And Gas

Advantages of Partnering with King
We offer our partners unique wealth generation opportunities through access to direct oil and gas oilfield ownership. Accredited investors benefit from:

  • Targeted investment timelines
  • Scalability seeking the development of the oilfield by the addition of multiple oil wells
  • Current tax year income tax mitigation strategies
  • Evaluation and monitoring of possible exit strategies that promote investment control

These innovative advantages may provide a potential return on invested capital that strives to hasten recognition of financial rewards in comparison to traditional oil and gas investment companies. Our innovative approach offers control over wealth creation due to our business model of ownership of the oilfield being developed which includes:

  • The oil and gas mineral acreage
  • Existing wells and infrastructure components of the developing oilfield
  • he value of the wells and PUDS being created

Direct ownership of oil and gas wells is within your grasp with existing offerings available right now.

Jay R. Young, Oil and Gas authority and CEO of King Operating, is the mind behind the Acquire+Develop+Divest investment strategy. Investors can leverage this strategy to achieve tax benefits, monthly revenue returns and a capital ROI upon exit. If you are looking to grow your wealth, take the investor assessment now.